Water Doctor

Water Doctor
2602 Pear Street
St Joseph MO
Booth: 2108

Company Description:

We are a third generation Water Treatment Company that started in October of 1966. My mother and father wanted to improve the household life with great soft water and with seven daughters and three sons they choose water as the best way to make to look better and to last longer. Appliances, clothing, last and preforms better, skin and hair feels and looks better, and general house cleaning is quicker, cleaner, and stays cleaner longer.

My parents decided that we would only handle durable equipment that will out perform all others out on the market and do so at an affordable price and last for decades. They also wanted to have machine that are made here in the United States, because of this commitment to quality and service my parents were able to see many 5th and 6th generation customers.

Thank you all and I and my three sons will see you at the show.

New Products

The Hellenbrand Pro Mate 6.0; 32 with Catalytic Carbon and High Capacity Resin is a two chamber water conditions that reduces the amount hardness in the water but also reduces the Chlorine and Chloramines from all the water in the house.

Certifications & Awards

President of Water Doctor, Master Water Specialist, President MO Water Quality Ass (4 Times), Executive Board MO Water Quality Ass, uality Ass (4 times) Executive Board MO Water QualityAss


Five Year Exhibitor