My ECO Barrel ™

My ECO Barrel ™
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Hoschton GA
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Company Description:

My ECO Barrel™ is a rainwater harvesting solution engineered, designed and manufactured by Climate LLC with a registered office located in Hoschton, Georgia. We specialize in "green" solutions for conservation of our most precious resource.

My ECO Barrel™ is the premier residential rainwater harvesting solution in the market. It's manufactured from high quality PVC material which provides UV and corrosion resistance while remaining flexible in any outdoor environment. It has a polymer screened inlet in the lid which can also be used as a vent. Each model has an overflow, outlet spigot, and ball valve drain all with internal filter caps to prevent flow clogging. The lid has a near 360-degree zipper allowing for easy cleaning, fast watering can filling, and simple opening and closing.

My ECO Barrel™ Benefits

- Reduces Rainwater Runoff. One important benefit of My ECO Barrel™ is that it reduces the amount of runoff from your roof(s) and other non permeable surfaces

- Improves Local Water Quality. Running ground water often has herbicides and pesticides that can wash off your lawn into the local waterways.

- Prevents Soil Erosion. Capturing rainwater reduces fast flowing water volume off your steep roof lines on homes, storage sheds, and buildings.

- Healthier For Your Plants and Animals. No added harsh chemicals like chlorine. It’s soft and natural.

- Provides Water During Droughts to irrigate your lawn without violating water restriction ordinances or as an emergency water supply.

- Saves You Money. Water that is not treated is a simple solution.

- Helps To Conserve Water.

Example use cases of My ECO Barrel™:

- Irrigation or sprinkler system
- Gardening
- Pet/Animals and livestock watering
- Fire protection
- Laundry
- Washing of vehicles/boats
- Washing of garage or sidewalks.
- Cleaning of toilets
- Swimming pool refills
- Fountain or fishpond refills
- Drinking water (if properly filtered and sanitized); always consult a professional
- Emergency water
- Tiny Home/Mobile Home/RV

Show Specials:

Rainwater Harvesting Barrel original MSRP $189.99; show special $159.99/ea when you pay with credit/debit. $149.99 when you pay with cash/check. Pre-show orders ($139.99) email to Ron at: Pick up at the show.

New Products

My ECO Barrel™ and associated accessories such as rain chains, downspout filters, etc. are offered. These rainwater harvesting barrels are the finest in the market and more than 2x the capacity and more than 2x the thickness of online options.

Certifications & Awards

Climate Inc, is a standing member of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (, Leave No Trace (; and the U.S. Green Building Council (

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